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Tell's feature-rich IRM™(Influencer Relationship Management) platform was designed to empower influencer marketing businesses by focusing on you, the business owner. Tell is built to scale your influencer marketing business, whether you’re a team of one, a growing agency, or a successful brand.

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Influencer marketing businesses have three core components: managing talent, closing new business, and managing campaigns.

See below how our IRM™ was designed to help you excel at all three.

Robust Talent Roster Management

One private and secure place to store your entire talent roster. All of the information is automatically kept up to date on all your influencers, no extra work necessary. All you have to do is add your influencer’s handle and we do the rest.

Later spreadsheets.

Unmatched Roster Organization

Search, filter, sort, tag, take notes, and create lists to organize your roster in any way that makes sense to you and your business. Every business organizes in their own way so we designed Tell to be just that flexible.

Collaborate with Your Team

Share your entire company’s roster with everyone on your team while also having your own private rosters that are just for you. Fully manage your team and what each team member can see. Centralize all the important data across your team to become truly operationally excellent.

Closely Tracked Communications

Never lose an important thread again. With messaging directly in Tell you can manage all your communications in one place. Works seamlessly with your inbox to never get in the way of your preferred communication style.

Get Faster Approvals with Sharable Lists

Build and edit lists to craft the perfect set of influencers for any potential campaign, then share a beautiful page with your clients to get fast approvals. That’s how you close more deals!

Communicate to Negotiate Quickly

Back and forth with influencers or their agents can cause deals to drag on. With communication all in one place and organized you’ll be positioned to move fast and get the deal closed.

Quickly and Accurately Manage Client Approvals with Customizable Pipelines

Getting feedback from your clients on which influencers they want as part of their campaigns is core to moving any campaign forward and getting contracts signed.

Closely Manage Campaign Progress

With customizable workflows you can set up each campaign to how you want to run it. Track each influencer through the campaign individually, giving you full control over the process and ensuring deliverables are being met.

Automatic Content Updates and Alerts

We track all the content being produced for your campaigns and we let you know when there is new content being posted, giving you all the the control.

Real-time & Up-to-date Analytics and Insights

Associate an influencer and their posts & stories to any campaign and get constantly updated performance. Gorgeous, sharable pages that will impress any client.

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